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ESQwire Attorneys have been handling Domain Name Disputes and Transactions, and Trademark claims since the early days of the Internet. Some believe the industry's market value could reach $4 billion by 2010 as people continue to purchase approximately 90,000 names a day and the number of domain registrars swells. It's your stake in the ground, your stake in the Internet."At the Manhattan auction, Fischer and Goldberger snatched up four names for more than $1.2 million and a fifth for a client, representing only a handful of the names sold for a total of $12.4 million during both the live and silent auction.Domain Name Disputes and Transactions, and Trademark claims Read more In its meeting with the ICANN Board, the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) representatives Committee from around the world provided some highlights of the issues that may be from around the world Read more NEW YORK (AP) -- Inside a midtown hotel, Larry Fischer is on his cell phone with a financial backer as his partner Ari Goldberger does quick research on a laptop computer. Quick," Fischer barks at Eli, the investor at the end of the phone. Fischer and Goldberger up the ante, and then again. At the end of first quarter 2007, at least 128 million domain names had been registered worldwide, a 31 percent increase over the previous year, according to Veri Sign Inc., which runs some of the core domain name directories for the Internet."It's not about words," said Monte Cahn, founder and CEO of, a company that specializes in domain asset management and held the Manhattan auction. The auctions were held during a domain conference in June that attracts some of the biggest players in this niche business.

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The two sides eventually settled and Goldberger, a lawyer, was allowed to keep the name.They also troll lists of names with domain registrations set to expire, enabling them to get a jump on buying it. Five years ago, the duo could get a good name for $10,000.They don't bother with dot-nets or the others."Dot-com is king," Goldberger said. Now the minimum is more like $100,000 -- as the auction proved.Words that allow them to own a category such as and, two of the domain names they bought at the auction.To help figure out a word's potential value, they see how many hits it will produce using Google. The first guys did really well then it became more difficult."And expensive."Just owning a domain name as an investment, I don't see a problem with that."Anthony Malutta, a lawyer who specializes in trademark law at a San Francisco law firm, sees fewer trademark infringement cases thanks to improved laws."Trademark law involving domain laws is much clearer and much easier to understand," he said.

"It's pretty clear that registering a domain name that corresponds to somebody's trademark is actionable.

The owners of the site get paid each time a viewer clicks on one of those links.

Goldberger and Fischer declined to say how much money they make from pay-per-click advertising.

Word got out that Goldberger knew something about the thorny legal issues involving Internet domain names and people began approaching him for advice.

Goldberger's fascination with the burgeoning industry was sealed."I was an entrepreneur strapped into this suit-and-tie job," Goldberger said.

Over the years, Goldberger and Fischer have sharpened their formula for acquiring domain names and developing the sites using a fairly simple template, relying on research, savvy and plenty of instinct."You either know it or don't by hearing the name," Fischer says.